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NADEP and Diabetes Foot Conference 2020

Era of Holistic Care... A team approach

Diabetes is just as dangerous as cancer or heart disease. People who consider it a simple disease soon lose one or both of their legs. While many people may have to wash their hands of their sight. Many diseases, including diabetes, have been ignored as a result of the coronavirus. This can be very costly in the future. […]


World Food Day 2020

By diet and education department

The world food day was celebrated at Baqai Institute of Diabetology & Endocrinology on 16 oct 2020, organized by diet and education department. This year, the theme zero hunger was celebrated among patients and employees with a hope to stamp out hunger. […]


Basic Food Knowledge & Introduction to Carb Counting Session 2

By diet and education department

ALHAMDULILLAH second session of carb counting has been successfully done. This would have not been possible without whole team of D&E under the supervision of Dr. Musarrat. Special regards to Miss Rabia and Miss Erum Ghafoor for their immense moral support. Extending my thanks to Dr. Saif (NADEP) for their financial support. Special acknowledgement to Dr. Zafar and Miss Raheela for being a big support throughout the session. […]


Basic Food Knowledge & Introduction to Carb Counting

by Diet and Education department

Today marked the initiation of carbohydrate counting session held for children with type 1 Diabetes with a pre workshop on the topic of "Basic Food Knowledge and Introduction to Carb Counting " by Diet and Education dept.. Special thanks to Dr. Yaqoob, Dr. Zafar & Miss Erum Ghafoor for their presence Miss Rabia and Miss Raheela for inviting the kids and NADEP for their financial support […]


Inauguration Ceremony of Obesity Clinic

We are pleased to share that obesity clinic is offically inaugrated at Diet and education department of BIDE today. Now it is fully equipped with pre defined protocol, fat analysing and body composition machine too. We are extremely grateful for your encouragement and continuous support. […]

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