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Who we are

Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology (BIDE) is a Research institute and Rehabilitation for Diabetes, Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders. It is first and only multidisciplinary tertiary care diabetes hospital in Karachi Pakistan.

BIDE came into existence in the year 1996. BIDE has introduced innovative concept of collaborative services first time in Pakistan; where consultation and advice by the consultant diabetologist, the nutritionist, and the diabetes educator coupled with prompt laboratory support services has made the management plan of a single visit, increasingly convenient and compliant. The concept of a "Diabetes Care Team" has proved very successful.

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When you join BIDE, you're joining a Family of BIDE who values education, research and technology as much as they value prayer. we are the first and only multidisciplinary tertiary care diabetes hospital in Karachi Pakistan. as we are the we are pioneer in different field of diabetes and diabetic foot thats why there are and plenty of career development opportunities.

Find fulfilling hospital career opportunities at BIDE, and join us in providing the high quality of complete care that heals people’s bodies and minds as well as their spirits.


Meet the Team

Our Staffs are Satisfied

  • We are constant engage in expansion, develop new departments and services. There is not just routine work. I personally like to have flavor of different assignments, milestones, project and achieving planned timelines. Serving my 9th year at BIDE, I enjoy my work with ambition to prepare myself for new challenges in years to come.

    Abdul Rehman, Administration
  • Working under BIDE is a pleasure, an experience that I will truly treasure. Thanks for converting our mistakes into lessons, pressure into productivity and skills into strengths.

    Dr Zareen Ahsan, Rheumatology
  • Started as one and now with a team of 10 in different outlets we keep focus on improving services. We deliver reliable pharmaceutical company medicines with maintained standard and at a minimal profit margin. I like to train staff for expected turn over, pharmacy software, patients’ queries, marketing strategy and specially handling difficult customers. With expected extension of new pharmacy setup, I am ready to deliver best value with my team. Providing services since 1999.

    Fawwad Ahmed, Pharmacy
  • I joined BIDE during my graduation. I achieved my graduation in law while continuing my job in evening. I received lot of guidance and support from my seniors. Handling public services in a healthcare unit is a dynamic type of job. I have 16 years of experience in BIDE. My best role is in process improvement. Delivering required reports. My secret is always try to perform better than yesterday.

    Imran Butt, Services
  • I first came in BIDE as a patient when I was 8 years old. Now I am working here as an employee. The best part of my job is to facilitate patients in Out-patients department. I admire newly arriving patients just like me in the past. I feel lucky and privileged to be a team member. BIDE is like a family for me.

    Ms. Fauzia, Out-patient Dept

Our Associates

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