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BIDE has been involved in various research projects since its establishment in 1996. In January 1999, BIDE opened a medical research department pioneering the research activities in the field of diabetes in Pakistan. Research department has now a fully developed research unit consisting of head of the research department, honorary research consultant, research officers, statistician and a research coordinator.

The department is led by Professor Abdul Basit and Prof. Rubina Hakeem.

Prof. Abdul Basit (Director – BIDE) is also an honorary research associate of Nottingham University. The research department has valuable support of BIDE consultants/physician who have been participating in the departmental activities and giving their precious time and advice to the research department for conducting studies. Information Technology, Diet and Education department of BIDE has also been actively participating in the research activities.


  • So far, 170 studies have been published in various international and national indexed journals.
  • In the year 2016-17, Second National Diabetes Survey of Pakistan (NDSP) 2016-2017 was done in all four provinces of Pakistan. This led to a joint collaboration of Ministry of National Health Services, Regulation and Coordination, PHRC, DAP and Baqai Institute of Diabetology and Endocrinology, Baqai Medical University, to conduct the second NDSP. The aim of this survey was to ascertain prevalence of diabetes, pre-diabetes and associated risk factors at the national and provincial levels. Seventeen teaching hospitals and/or diabetes centres participated in the second NDSP 2016-2017.
  • Based on the research publications, BIDE present the derivation and validation of a risk prediction algorithm for assessing the risk of developing type 2 DM amongst Pakistani population by the name of RAPID (Risk Assessment of Pakistani individuals for diabetes. This scoring system is based on variables that are readily available to people without needing laboratory tests and physician interpretation thereby making it cost effective for national screening programmes at primary care level.
  • Research department of BIDE is maintaining an electronic data base of patients with diabetes on a specialized Health care Management Software (HMS). So far data of more than 70,000 patients with diabetes and around 10,000 patients with diabetic foot have been explored in the following areas:
    • The presentation of patients with diabetes at a tertiary care unit.
    • The prevalence of acute and chronic complications of diabetes.
    • Association of glycemic control and hypertension with chronic complications of diabetes.
    • The annual incidences of chronic complications in yearly follow up.
  • The department explored an important area of child health by assessing school children for various anthropometric and biochemical risk factors to draw attention on childhood obesity.
  • BIDE is also a pioneer in collecting and publishing data on diabetic foot from Pakistan, following aspects of diabetic foot were explored;
    • Prevalence of diabetic foot ulcer.
    • Factors associated with diabetic foot ulcer.
    • Outcome and presentation of diabetic foot ulcer.
    • Economic burden of diabetic foot ulcer.
    • Locally made foot wear and offloading devices.
    • Culture and sensitivity patterns of organisms, involved in diabetic foot ulcer.
  • A prospective study was conducted to observe the effects of active glucose monitoring, alteration of drug dosage and timing, dietary counseling and patient education in the occurrence of acute diabetic complications in fasting diabetic individuals during the month of Ramadan in the year 2010.

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