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6th Diabetes Awareness Walk 2003
In commemoration with World Diabetes Day, 6th Diabetes Awarness Walk was held on Sunday, 14th, Dec 2003 at Seaview by BIDE. The main aim of this walk was to emphasize the benefits of walking to the general public. A brisk half an hour walk every day can decrease a person's risk of developing diabetes, regradless of weight.

The 6th Diabetes Awareness walk was inaugurated by a 9-year-old Type 1 diabetic, Master Ziaullah from Khazdar, Baluchistan.

Around 1800 people from Karachi participated in this walk. Various pharmaceutical companies had set stalls and of them had also set up free blood sugar monitoring.

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Need another reason to put your walking shoes on and hit the pavement? Walking not only lowers the risk of developing lifelong diseases like diabetes, but regular physical activity can help people who already have diabetes keep their blood sugar under control.


The Diabetic Who Knows The Most Live the Longest.

For the vast of the population, the benefits of walking are enormous. So far, walking is probably the Best Medicine for both prevention and treatment of Diabetes Mellitus.

Overweight Families Unaware & Unconcerned

- Then Diabetes Strikes their Kids

How Exercise Can Help?

Exercise is just one thing you can do to control your weight. Choose any cardio exercise (walking, running, cycling, aerobics, tennis, etc.) Anything that raises your heart rate. Just 2-3 days of walk per week for 30 minutes is also good enough.

Safety First

Before starting any exercise always consult your doctor.

Do keep in to touch with your Diabetes Educator and Dietician.

Pay attention to warning signs during your workout such as:

  • Rapid change in heartbeat
  • Increased sweating
  • Increased anxiety or hunger
  • Dizziness

If you feel HYPOGLYCEMIC treat it as soon as possible.

Keep sugar, juice or candy when you are exercising.

Walk Away From Diabetes Risks

Type 2 Diabetes is often caused by poor diet, lack of exercise and is now affecting a younger age group.

Diabetes won’t KILL you. It’s the Complications that do

Previously it to be the 50 to 60 year-olds that were at increased risk for Type 2 Diabetes but now we also see kids as young as 10 years suffering from Type 2 Diabetes.

Walking Reduces Risk of Diabetes-Related Death and Heart Disease

Those acquiring Type 2 Diabetes at a young age are often overweight and very inactive. Once a person has diabetes, there is no cure. So the key for those with diabetes is to keep blood sugar as close as possible to the normal range and maintain it through regular diet and exercise.